Legend of Zelda Playhouse

Articulation / Toy Design

Project Brief...
. . .

Find a figurine no bigger than three inches

Develop a themed home that the figurine would live in

The house must collapse into 6″x6″x12″ and expand to create as much playroom as possible while maintaining the character theme

Construct a foamcore model to verify dimensions

Develop elevation drawings of all of the rooms

Character Analysis

2 Inch figurine- Link from the Legend of Zelda Video game series


Link character render


Articulation Ideation Thumbnails

The articulation must stay within the boundaries of a 6″x6″x12″


Development 1.png

This concept features removable platforms with environmental features, as well as sliding features


When closed, the final articulation resembles a treasure chest, a common item in all Legend of Zelda games. The idea is to invoke feelings of both excitement and wonder when opening the toy house.

Elevation Drawings

Final foamcore mockup