My name is Derick — I am a product designer based in Long Beach, California.


Design is a lot like telling a story, and the best stories are usually the ones where we connect with characters the most: through their experiences, emotions, and morals. Great design comes from developing empathy for the user’s needs through character understanding and development.

I am a creative,  a concertgoer, photographer, and musician from South San Diego. Aside from that, I like to absorb new experiences from exploring new cities, cultures, food, and coffee shops.

I’m happy that you took the time to view my site, and I’m looking forward to getting in contact with you.


Teaser Portfolio PDF

What I can do

Technical Skills

Model Making, Drawing, Large Format Printing, Laser cutting

Computer Skills

Solidworks / Fusion 360 / Keyshot, Illustrator, Photoshop/Sketchbook Pro Renderings, InDesign, Premiere Pro

Special Notes

Responsible for designing 2018 Senior Studio Showcase website using Wix platform and taking all photography headshots:


Mobile application design for healthy eating:

Leaf: Making Healthy Easy